Sun X5 MAX 180W lamp
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Sun X5 MAX 180W lamp is designed for drying sculpted nails, and thanks to its structure it easily adapts to any size of hand. 
In the upper part it has a built-in timer with on/off sensor and sensor with 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s buttons. 
Ceramic Electric Nail Bit - Oval Shape
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Outlet Nails presents its ceramic bit for electric nail drill, it is ideal for removing and filing gel, resin or semi-permanent nail polish.
Nail Aspirador - Extracción de polvo Basic
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The vacuum cleaner has a pleasantly smooth surface that can be easily cleaned with standard disinfectants thanks to its easy-care surface.

With this unit you get a highly efficient dust extractor ensuring a clean workbench. The cotton filter bag inside the vacuum cleaner can be cleaned under running water. However, you will also receive a replacement bag.